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Rare Photo of the Island Roan Post Boat courtesy of  Wick Heritage © 2008

Welcome to our pages on Island Roan or in Gaelic, Eilean-nan-Ron which means 'Island of Seals'. The Island is about 700 acres and lies about a mile off shore from Skerray. Near by is Eilean Neave - one a religious island with a chapel on it, there are also the Rabbit islands which are in the immediate viscinity. At its peak the island had about a dozen families, with their sheep and cattle. They grew crops on a very small acreage and were dependent on the sea for a living. Sadly Eilean-nan-Ron had to be evacuated and in December of 1938 the last family left the island. Only the ruins of the houses and the church come school remain, as do a small flock of ferral Soay sheep, and of course wonderful memories of life there.

In this little Homage to the Island and its people, there will be a page about Kitty's Island, a few pages of an article written by Iain Fraser about the 70th anniversary of the Evacuation. There will also be a couple of photo pages and other stories as well as links to some resources such as the stories from the Daily Express and Record and Northern Times as well as other websites that have information on Island Roan. The Photo above is of one of the Post Boats on the way to the Island. One of the boats used is in the care of Wick Heritage Wick Heritage. If you have any information about the Island or photos I would be pleased to hear from you. Iain Morrison

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